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Bad service from another service

I'm the editor in chief of my university's newspaper. Last week, I decided to sign us up with a popular and professional wire service so we can publish national news stories. So, I sign up for a free trial and the representative told me someone would be calling me shortly to set up our profile. Cool.

Except the woman who called me to set it up? I'd guess she is approximately 800 years old due to the sound of her voice. And she obviously had never seen a computer prior to her employment with this wire service. But, this alone does not bad service make!

I have received a phone call everyday from the same woman to verify the exact same information. Everyday. Today I check our messages and guess what! She's called again! This time to ask for the name of the editor in chief. At this point, I just have to laugh, since I've verified with her no less than 7 times that I am indeed the one in charge. Not to mention the fact that she sent me a "welcome" packet addressed to MY NAME with MY TITLE underneath it.

I was just about to call her back when the line rings. I answer it and it's HER. Again. To verify our information. Again. I tell her, yes, it's all correct and she's about to hang up when I tell her I was about to call her back to verify that I am the editor of this newspaper. her answer? "Oh, I know you are!"


I'm a journalist. I understand the need to check your information. But seriously, if I found out one of my reporters was constantly hounding someone to verify information they've already verified over and over again? Blah.

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