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Bad service or normal service?

Due to the recent car fiasco, we had to rent a car from a local place.  They charged us for the week in advance, and put a $250 hold on my girlfriend's account just in case.

The car was returned yesterday, and on the way home I asked her when the hold would be returned.  She said they had told her it would be "several weeks".

Is that normal?  It doesn't sound right at all to me, I expected the hold to be released after several days.  I'm not sure why they (or the bank?) would need to hold onto that money for weeks after our payment had cleared, the car was returned and verified as okay.  I can't seem to find the right Google terms to use to get an answer and I'd like to get some verification either way before I call the rental company.

EDIT: Thank you for all the input, I'll make some calls to the rental company and bank and update again with a result.
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