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i don't know where to start. i am not exactly a customer since i bought nothing, but since i am sure they picked up my number off the companies i do frequent...

to start off with, i am not a morning person. i have had a long week last week, that finally ended late on sunday. sleeping in till late on monday, with no classes on, was a blessing. so when the phone rang at yesterday, i was more than just... unhappy.

"hello?" i grumbled..

"hi, this is XXX from YYY phone co. we deal with all of the 3 major phone networks and we have an offer for you! this special offer..."

"uhm sorry, i am kind of asleep. what's this about?" i was being nice because i used to be a telemarketer. being cut off, ignored, phone slammed in my ear etc was painful. wasn't about to do it to someone else.

"oh! would you want me to call later when you are awake?"

"that would be nice... but... what is this about!"

"well you have a good rest then!" and he hung up.

Came 12 noon, i was dressing up to go school for something important, and the cell went off. i picked it up since it was a private number. my family's overseas, and it shows as private number on the cell. "hello?"

"hi! this is XXX again! how are you? was your sleep good?"

"uhm... i have to go for class soon, what is this about?"

"oh, i just need 5 minutes of your time!"

"ok, go ahead. hurry please"

so he went on his spiel, but it spilt over 10 minutes, meanwhile i was trying so hard to balance phone, bags and door.  i finally told him i wasn't interested in a free holiday, that i have no time, that i am perfectly happy with my phone plan, and i really need to go?

"oh, so you are busy! i will call you tomorrow then!"

"uhm, please... don't. i am not interested!"

"but you haven't heard the rest of what i have to offer! it's ok ma'am, will talk to you tomorrow." *click*

EHM!?!? oh, and naturally, i missed my bus to school.

9a.m this morning, *ring*... "hello?"

"hi Miss anivyl! how are you!?!?"

"ok. i think i have had enough. you have shit customer service, you don't know how to listen to customers when we say we are NOT interested. i am NOT interested. don't call again. i don't have time for a holiday, i don't have any interest in any other shitty plans. do you UNDERSTAND me?"

"but ma'am..."

"no.. no buts! if you don't even listen to me now, how am i supposed to trust you can even provide an UNDERSTANDING customer service after i buy all those crap off you?"

"are you telling me you have never been on a holiday before?"

"that is NONE of your business"

"why? don't you have a life? don't you want to go on a holiday? don't you have friends you want to call for free minutes? don't you have friends at all?"




what the hell. how am i the one on the receiving end when he was harass
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