Ezlet (ezlet) wrote in bad_service,

I'm not sure this is really "bad service", but more like "wtf? service".

This was overheard via phone with my mom on Saturday. I live in Iowa, she lives in Texas in the middle of the country. As we were chating away on the phone, her doorbell rings. She answers it while still holding the phone. There was a man standing there, with his pick-up truck parked in her drive, and a large metal box sitting in the bed of the truck.

her: Yes? Can I help you?
him: Hello ma'am! I was wondering if you'd be interested in some meat today?
her: 0.o......... I'm sorry, what?
him: Yes ma'am, meat! I'm selling meat today and was wondering if you'd be interested.
her: You're selling meat..... from the back of your pick-up?
him: Its very good!
her: .............. No. Go away.
him: I'm harmless, I swear!
her: Go away. Get away from my house!
him: *yelling from a distance* It's good meat! I'm harmless!
me: Uhh... mom? DId I just hear that right?
her: Some creepy guy just tried to sell me meat from a metal box in his truck bed! 
me: ........ in the middle of the Texas summer heat too. Ewwwww.........

At this point my husband over heard me and asked what we were talking about. I gave him the jist, and he piped up with "Maybe he was selling wife meat?"

Candy bars, magazines, and encyclopeidas door-to-door I can see, but meat? *shudder*

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