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Harry Potter Bad Service (No Spoilers!)

First VERY VERY Bad Service (by JK Rowling's opinion, I guess) :

Having copies of the book available for sale one week before the official date, allowing people to buy them for 7 euros more than the real price on the release date. Which results in one of my friends taking a picture of himself with the book, and scanning the first ten pages... which were not fake. *sigh*

Second sorta bad service from Amazon :

Dear Amazon,

Why oh why did you say "For all orders posted before the 19th, the books will be delivered on the 21st" ? WHY ?

I went to my order page. I ordered the book on the 16th.

As my luck has it, no book yesterday. Fiancé sneakily bought it for himself... and I could only cuddle the book on the train last night, without being able to read one page :D .

So, bad service, but it resulted in a funny moment.

Update as of July 23rd :

I called Amazon.Fr this morning. The guy was very nice on the phone, and told me they would refund 3 euros if the book was late. Or that would be credit, I don't know, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

He got my name, my order number, and got the tracking number for the package, which I didn't have. He told me the package had been presented on Saturday, but a note was left and I could pick it up from the post office today. So very good service from Amazon.

Or not, but I don't know who's guilty here, because when I got to the post office, the lady told me the package is "on hold" (or something) and it's getting to them tomorrow. ... So either the post man didn't leave the note and they can't give the package to me because of that... or the Amazon guy was confused...

Either way, if I still don't have the book by Wednesday, I'm going to get a refund no matter what :) .
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