†eVe Xavier† (xlucidiquex) wrote in bad_service,
†eVe Xavier†

Hi, it's me again. The one that got swindled by Desire Clothing Inc, (http://www.desireclothing.com ) - see few posts previous to this.

Well, after emailing and calling many many many times, I finally received an email.

I've looked into your file this morning.
Sorry about the delay but we've been on company shut down for the past two
weeks.There has been no one in the offfice, the staff were doing their Trade
Show runs.
You were informed that there would be a delay on your order as it had a
custom order status. We've been in business for 15 years. We do our best to
design , manufacter, and sell our products. Things screw up from time to
time and unfortunatly it happened in this transaction. Your coat will be
shipped out on Wednesday (April 7). I will forward you the trakcing details to follow.
Sales Manager
Desire, Inc."

Question: Have I received any tracking info?
SURPRISE!! No, I have not. I emailed and called to say that I have NOT received any info nor the coat.
I called the BBB and filed a complaint. I have to wait for them to investigate.
Meanwhile, I'm out $400 and a coat.

What out for people like this!
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