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Landlord woes

A couple months ago, I posted about my boyfriend's awful landlord that got trashed and tried to molest me (no, I don't actually expect anyone to remember this). For this reason, I have absolutely no pity for any of the medical problems the landlord has gone through.

Minor backstory, my boyfriend and I were moving in together, with me moving across country. Unfortunately, the apartment we wanted wasn't available until June 15, and my start date at my new job was June 11, meaning I had to briefly move in with creepy landlord. The day we were moving out, boyfriend went to go collect his security deposit back. Creepy landlord tried to get out of bed, fell on the ground, and passed out. I may not like the guy, but we couldn't just leave him there. Instead of moving out at a decent hour, we stayed late into the night dealing with paramedics, making sure his cat was taken care of while he was in the hospital, etc. Despite how horrible he was, we put effort into making sure everything was alright. Boyfriend returned later the next week to get the security deposit back. Everything was peachy, and we happily put any thought of creepy landlord out of our minds.

Imagine our shock when, 10 days after the check was cashed, he issued a stop payment on it! I didn't even know you could do a stop payment on a check. At first, we thought it had just bounced and sent him a letter (certified mail and return receipt - I have learned so much from this community and People's Court) requesting a cashier's check for the amount of the security deposit plus the various fees caused from multiple other checks that bounced on our end due to having a large sum of money disappear from the account. A couple days later, the bank mailed out a statement saying that it wasn't a bounced check, but that he had stopped it. Or something. We don't actually have that paper in our hands yet (account is under a different address), but we were told that was the gist of it.

I knew I should have taken pics of the room as we were leaving, to prove no damages, but the landlord had said he was giving us the check. grrr. We're going to try to call him tomorrow, but he's usually either drunk or hopped up on pain meds. The chances of catching a lucid moment are slim to none.

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