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Credit Card Security

OK, this made me laugh.
Yesterday I was craving a banana split and my roomate was headed out so i asked her to pick up one. I had her grab my wallet to pay, told her if there wasnt enough cash use the card. Obviously i trust my roommate. Now I have written See ID on my Sig Slip along with my signature at a failed attempt at security, very few places look and then so many more have it setup where you swipe your own. So very rarely does this matter when i have her use my card. 

This day however is special as Dairy Queen of all places looks and sees that it says "See ID"  so they ask my roomate for ID . . . So she hands them my ID. They then hand her the slip, she signs the slip and the person hands her my card, my ID and the food. I have long ago given up and stopped getting upset on people not checking, but seriously, this is a new level of special. 

Granted im not upset, more flabergasted then anything. and i had a deliscious banana split, but the only logic we can think of is my roomates boyfriend was who they thought I was. still, then she signed the slip, but whatever.
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