Bree (livelaughlovep) wrote in bad_service,

Advice wanted: "Unknown Number" repetitively calling...

So I pick up. They want my boyfriend, Ken. 
They can't even seem to pronnounce it - and honestly, how hard is it to pronnounce "Ken"? Furthermore, I say he isn't here - he is not, he works until 6pm or later. They hang up, and do not tell me who they are, who they are calling for, or a call back number or anything.

Secondly, the phone number they are calling is one set up through Skype, so as far as I know it does not have a social security number attached to it, so companies could not find us through that for debt collection.

Futhermore, the only debt we have is 300 owed to a bank a state over, and that has been passed so deep into collections I hardly would think this could be them, especially since they do not have this phone number, and this phone number is not traced to anything except our paypal and our bank's debit card.

They are calling me every 5-10 minutes!

What the heck do I do? They call from 7am to 5pm.  I cannot think of one legal reason they would be calling. Could they just be telemarketers with a vengeance?

I mean seriously.
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