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Best Buy, Worst Service

I haul it into Best Buy today to get a new color cartridge for my (admittedly cheap and outdated) HP DJ640 printer. Unfortunately the moment I walked into the store, I forgot what cartridge number I needed. D'oh! Oh well, I'll just ask an associate, the company claims they're knowledgeable.


I was waited on immediately. (Bonus points here!)
"Hi, you looking for a printer today?" (Being in the printer section and kind of half-staring at the printers, a reasonable assumption)
"No, I just need an ink cartridge today."
"You know, it could be your printer dying, you might want to consider a replacement."
"What? No, the printer's fine, I just ran out of ink."
"Well okay then, do you know which one you need?"
"No, I forgot the number, but it's the color cartridge for an HP DeskJet 640."
"They don't make a 640..."(partially true; they don't make them anymore. I told you this thing was old)
"They don't make the printer anymore but they still sell cartridges for them. I need the color one, do you know which one it is?"
"Not offhand, let me look." He then proceeds to leaf through the little printer cartridge list thingie they have stuck in the aisle (which I already went through and couldn't find my printer listed in)"It's not in here. They probably stopped making them. You should get a new printer."
"But I don't WANT a new printer, I just want a cartridge."
"You know you could get a brand-new printer for the cost of that cartridge.."
"Yeah and it'd be just as cheap and worthless as the one I have now. I just want a color ink cartridge, what's so hard about that?"
"Sorry, but we don't have your cartridge. If you bought a new printer--"
"No, look, I've had enough of this hard sell crap. Forget it, I'm leaving." So I left and walked down the sidewalk to an OfficeMax just a few stores down. Walked to the service counter.
"Hi, can I help you?"
"Yeah, I need a color cartridge for an HP DeskJet 640."
*the clerk there glances at something I can't see, then plucks an ink cartridge off the shelf and hands it to me. I pay there and leave. I was in and out of the store in two minutes with no trouble. Why can't life always be that easy? Yeah I probably paid a few bucks more than I would've at Best Buy, but these things are extortion anyway and I wasn't expecting it to be cheap.
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