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Bad and Annoying Service

Both stories are kind of related.

First story over a month ago my fiance called his grandfather to have his birth certificate mailed to him. We needed this so fiance could go on my flight benefits and so he can get a State ID (he has an expired out of state one). We were traveling to my home state for a family reunion and having both done would have been extremely helpful in making for an easy trip. We figured a month was enough time. Grandfather sends BC out certified mail to ensure it would get to fiance. We were told that it would arrive on or around 17th of June. The 17th comes and goes. We figure okay no big deal its running behind. Fast forward another week and now grandfather and fiance are concerned about its whereabouts. Grandfather calls USPS and finds out that it'll arrive the week of the 4th. No one thought to question why so long just relieved that it wasnt delivered to the wrong person. We still had enough time to do what we needed to do. The week of the 4th comes and goes and now I'm thinking its back en route to grandfather. Not a big deal really we just buy fiance a ticket for the flight and go about our business. Now its the 12 of July and we are sitting at the airport when I get a text messege from fiance's "mom". USPS decided to leave a note on the mailbox that day stating that we have until July 17th to pick up the article or it will be returned to sender. No one even bothered to knock on fiance's door. We just got back from trip today and of course they have sent it back to the grandfather. Joy.

Now the annoying service. On the trip home all is going well made to the airport in time (only 2.5 hours to get across a state sweet) and we get checked in. Fiance has to go through additional screening due to expired ID. I already knew this and was cool with it. Get to security and first TSA agent pissed me off. I wanted to slap her for her rudeness and attitude. However, I actually enjoy flying and enjoy my job and I also didnt want to go to jail so I restrained myself. Everyone in family gets through her including fiance and its now my daughter's turn. I waited to go through after her. Agent asked for my daughter's name and thinking she's talking to me I answer. Agent glares at me and again says rudely what is your name. I told Agent that daughter is only 3 and doesnt talk that much (I sort of stuttered it out as I was caught off guard by her tone). Agent then turns to me and rudely says "What she doesnt know her name". Turns back to daughter and again goes even more loudly and rudely, "What is your name?" I once again tell her she's three, she's shy and she DOES NOT talk to people she doesnt know. Agent tells me that if she's going to be traveling then she needs to get over that. My kid is fucking 3 years old she's still learning how to converse with my family in normal words. I'll worry about her telling strangers her name when she can understand what I'm telling her. Until then deal with it when her mother is answering for her so we dont hold up the line.

This is why I dont travel very often. There were a couple of problems dealing with the TSA but they were minor and this is long enough as is.
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