Amy (walking_angel) wrote in bad_service,

So my mum and I went up to my sister's Cafe for lunch... My mum started to order, and the girl behind the counter, was 1) rude and 2) dumb... (My sister complains about her incompetance all the time...) She cut my mum off when she was talking, and when she went to hand my mum her change, she missed her hand and dropped every last penny on the counter... And stood there smiling as my mum picked them all up... She didn't give us our 10% discount, even though it's common knowledge that my sister works there and runs the place a good majority of the time... And then, she keeps shoving this number at us... My sister is bringing us our food, we don't need your stupid number... Not like it was actually busy in there either... But she snapped at us to take the number anyway... I rolled my eyes and walked away... Two minutes later, my sister brought us our food and apparently, the girl behind the counter was complaining about how rude we were... My mum phoned my sister's boss and complained about her...

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