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Ah, when you owe money...

Dude from Agency from which my Dad was stupid enough to borrow money :

I KNOW my Dad was stupid. I KNOW he has, on his 1400 euros salary, now 780 euros of debt to pay every month. I KNOW that, due to this, he filed for personal bankrupcy (spelling anyone T_T ?  - 37000 euros of debt total it seems) .

He has five companies he owes money to. YOU are one of them. My sister is taking care of my Dad's things while he's gone on vacation (the story of this vacation is a bit complicated, I won't bore you with it) and in general anyway since my Dad knows he's prone to lose his temper on the phone. She agreed to do this, NOT to pay for Dad's debt (I wouldn't let her) .

So this guy from one of those five companies calls my Sister's cell, since she's the contact person. Part of the bankrupcy filing states that all payments from the accounts are blocked until a judgment is issued. And this guy wasn't happy with that.

He threatened my sister with all kinds of things, basically. He asked her to pay for part of Dad's debt, to which my sister said today (after another phone call) "When you fuck up, you assume what you've done, I'm here for the PAPERS not to pay my Dad's debt off". My Dad wants to resolve all of this, but doesn't want my sister to pay for his mistakes either.

The guy was really agressive. He pretended that apparently the central agency that deals with bankrupcy filing has a deal with this company (!!!) where no matter what you can pay them 30 % of what you owe and let's forget the others. He didn't seem to care about what my sister was saying, he was totally condescending and mean... GAAH!

Dude, next time you go and call people who owe you money... Can't you  be a little more reasonable ? My sister is a very composed and polite person... and she's not even 22 yet. Learn from her.

(As a coincidence, the two other people who are on my Dad's case - a social worker and his bank advisor... are much nicer and more polite than this guy, when they deal with more!)

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