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Four in two days. I must be reallllly lucky.

Yesterday I went to Steve & Barry's to check out their Bitten line, and possibly purchase some of those items. Not only did they not carry anything in my size... when I did find something I wanted to buy (a really cute pair of sunglasses), I waited for five minutes at the completely empty register (and completely unmanned register, save for an older gentleman futzing with a pair of pants on the other end of the register bank) without being acknowledged before I finally said, "Screw this," and left, leaving the sunglasses on the counter.

I went to Friendly's with my husband and ordered a mint chocolate chip sundae. We brought our order home. He got his peanut butter cup sundae just fine, but mine was coffee ice cream. Ew. Mint =/= coffee.

Finally, at the grocery store, it was busy, so I started bagging my own items while my husband waited to pay. The cashier finished and started bagging items, too, and when she got to the ground beef (which was leaky), I asked her if she could bag it separately because it was leaky. She put it in the bag with my other meats anyway and shoved the whole mess at me. Pardon me for not wanting e. coli all over my groceries, particularly all over the baby food.

As the last big grocery store finger, when we got home, we realized that we didn't receive the sale price for our salmon.
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