Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I just ordered a Ravenclaw House Tie from The London Market. When I went to my order page, before hitting "confirm", it said that my order subtotal was $24.99, and shipping was $6.95. Fine. I wanted to make sure I had it before Friday next, as I work at a bookstore and I want my costume to be complete while I'm working, so I clicked on "2 Day UPS" to see how much more it was. The shipping cost changed to $11.10. I decided $4 extra was worth it, so I kept that shipping option and clicked confirm. It then took me to a confirmation page where it suddenly said order subtotal- $24.95, shipping $19.10. What. The. Fuck. I sent them an email immediately in response to my confirmation. If I had known it was going to nearly triple the shipping cost, I'd have taken my chances with the regular shipping!

ETA: Ok, I overreacted, but $8 is not a small amount to a shop worker like me. And I'm sill annoyed.

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