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Right so last night I got a bit of a craving for a milkshake and decided to head down to the nearest McDonalds to satisfy my craving. Upon pulling up to the drive thru board I was greeted with the usual "Can I take your order?" I stated that I wanted a large vanilla milkshake and a double cheeseburger as I had eaten nothing since 12 hours earlier. The woman working the drive-thru asked "Do you want anything else?" I stated no and her reply was "Okay baby." I thought this a little weird however this is Las Vegas and weird is the norm. Additionally the other thing I noted was that the order never showed on the little screen in front of the menu sign and she never gave me the total or told me which window to pay at. But at the moment I thought no big deal.

So I pull around the corner and there is a car in front of me waiting to pay. During the minute that I waited I never saw any money go from the car to the window however I did see money go from the woman working the drive-thru to the car. In her hand I saw a bill and the receipt and she stated "Sorry" to the person in the car in front of me.

Then it was my turn to pull up. She opened the window and said "Hi baby" and was pushing buttons on the register. She then put out her hand for the money and never stated how much the order would be. I gave the woman a $5.00 bill and didn't really know how much the order would be but guestimated that I should get at least $1.00 back and some coinage. She completed the transaction, the drawer opened and she pulled out some coins. She then handed me back nothing but change and no bill and no receipt. Now I knew something was up. So in totally honest voice like I needed the receipt for documentation I asked her "Can I get my receipt?" and then looked at my hand which contained exactly $0.63.

Without batting an eye, and she never taking her eyes off of me began a huge act of "Oh I am SO SORRY! I gave you the car in front of you's change! I'm just so tired!" leaned out the window and proceeded to pat my hand. I handed her the change back and she closed the window and as she did I noticed a receipt printed out still in the register. She never left from near the register and I saw her digging in her pockets. A few seconds later she opened the window with money in her hand and tore the receipt off of the register and handed it to me. She handed me $1.13 and again stated "I'm just tired baby, you know how it is."

Now if you are going to do a con in Vegas, you need to do a better job than scamming customers for $0.50 on each drive-thru order. Needless to say, I didn't notify the manager, I called McD's corporate.
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