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Oh Chase, how I hate thee. This isn't a total lost cause, as I have my checkbook, but nasty customer service nonetheless.

I've been a customer of Chase since it was Bank One. Coincidentally, my name changed due to getting married right around when Bank One became Chase. However, my new name is First Name Middle Name-Old Last Name New Last Name.

It ends up being 24 letters long, and when they sent out my new card, they put my whole name on the card, which cut off the last name part.

I called them up (back in February or March of last year) to say I just wanted First Name Last Name on the card. I was told that I'd be getting a new card shortly.

I never got it, and because I was still able to use my Bank One card, I got distracted with life and never bothered with fixing it. I just sign my new name on all of my debits and no one seems to care.

My Bank One card is about to expire in August, so I thought I'd be on the ball a bit and request a new one so that I'd have it in time. I explained the whole situation, and she said she understood, noting that my account reflected all that I said to her. She said that she'd send out a new card and that I could expect it in 5 days. I specifically asked if this would cancel my old card, and she said that it wouldn't.

Sure enough, I went to get money out last night and the card was declined. I tried two other times and it said, "Lost or Stolen Card" on the screen.

My friends said that it might have been the machine, and I simply shrugged it off as a coincidence.

This morning, my husband handed me some money for lunch "just in case". Thank goodness he did because when I tried to use the ATM here at work, it was declined again.

The first chance I got, I called up Chase to ask wtf happened.

The first woman listened, and I had to explain the story, again, of why I was getting a new card. She said that she noticed that my card was used this morning, which obviously didn't happen. I asked where the charge was, and she said Amazon.

Apparently, that was my Harry Potter preorder going through. I can only assume that since my card was good at the time of the pre-order, Amazon processed it today. She said that she agreed with what I thought happened and said that she would transfer my call over to Loss Prevention to reactivate the card.

The woman in Loss Prevention asked me to explain the story, so I did, again. Then she asked for the card number. She told me that the card was perfectly fine.

I told her that it wasn't and that the banker I had just spoken to agreed with me. She argued with me that it was working and that it wasn't her problem, that it was the fault of the ATM. I told her that I tried at least two ATMs, two different branches, several times at each with the same problem. Then she made the implication that I had stolen the card, that she wouldn't help me, and hung up on me.

I called Chase back, furious, and spoke to another banker, who had, again confirmed my original story of what happened, saying that because the woman that had reissued the card put it in as a "name change" it overrode usage of the original card, even though they have the same numbers. She told me that I'd receive my new card next week.

I said that I couldn't possibly live without any money for 5 straight days, and that they're just going to have to overnight me a card. She said that the earliest they can do it is a 2 day delivery, and since it's Friday, that won't go through until Monday.

Utterly freakin ridiculous. Now I have to go to an individual Chase branch and have them issue me a temporary ATM card, which will not work as a Debit card, and I'm magically supposed to do this during banking hours--which I'm at work for. All of this after wasting 45 minutes on the phone.

Screw you Chase. Thank goodness I can use my checkbook.
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