Words from Wonko (wonkots42) wrote in bad_service,
Words from Wonko

I hate car dealers

My car's in for service today. It's not due for another 7000 miles, but my warranty requires annual services. So the garage just called me to say the car is legally unsafe to drive due a number of faults. Some of those faults are covered by the warranty, others are down to wear and tear. Now, when I bought this car it was given a free service and I was told it was in great condition. 8000 miles later this garage is telling me my brake pads and discs are completely worn down and the brakes are metal to metal. The service interval on this car is 15,000 miles - what if I hadn't had this service? What kind of damage was that going to do?

I'm not bothered about the repair costs but I sincerely doubt I wore a set of brake pads and discs down to nothing after 8000 miles of undemanding communting. Which leads me to believe that this 'service' when I bought the car was either a) not very thorough, or b) mythical. I'm leaning towards b) since the dealer who sold it to me sold it with worn out tyres, two of which were below the legal tread limit (i.e. they sold me an illegal car.) Had to really hassle them to get that sorted.

I love my car, but I'm thinking a trade in when the warranty runs out is a great idea.

ETA: This is UK by the way, so whenever I say 'legally' I'm referring to UK law, which is quite strict. This car is nearly 5 years old so it has to pass an annual roadworthiness test called an MOT. It did pass this test last August and is due for another next month.
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