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Now I know why people are so hot on insurance reform.

You see, my mother had heart surgery last year. The exact cause of the problem was congenital pulmonic stenosis that for some reason suddenly worsened last year and had to be surgically corrected.

Afterward, since open-heart surgery takes a hell of a toll on a healthy body, she tried to sign up for cardiac rehab at the local hospital.

No dice. Insurance will only pay for it if it's post-heart-attack surgery and rehab. So she had to just muddle along at home on her own.

Now she has some plantar fasciitis happening. She went to her GP... who referred her to a podiatrist... who recommended ice, anti-inflammatories, and custom shoe inserts. She tried submitting the bill for the inserts to the insurance company.

No dice. The insurance will only pay for it if she's diabetic.

Because of course diabetics are the only ones who ever have foot problems, and heart attacks are the ONLY reason you would ever have open-heart surgery.

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