Eff that Steph! (effthatsteph) wrote in bad_service,
Eff that Steph!

I was at the gym the other day without my boyfriend. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all the machinery in there. I walk in and plan on just going on the treadmill for a bit. So only one is left, and I put in all my settings and start it up. I start it off at 2mph, but as much as I press the increase speed button, it will not go any faster. I end up turning off the machine, setting my max speed to 7mph, and trying again. This time it shoots immediately to 7mph, so I stop it, try again, try to decrease the speed but it doesn't work, so I attempt to go with it, but after a few minutes with no warm up I'm feeling it's not going well. So I turn it off and walk up to the front desk to ask for help.

First the lady tells me that she doesn't know how to work it so to get another one. I reply that there are none available. She says she can't do anything about it, so I ask if she can ask another worker for help. She says no, she can't, and if I need help I have to find a worker myself. Then at this point she looks up at me and says "You look completely exhausted! Are you okay?" And I reply that the machine is not working, as I said before, and that it immediately went to the max speed and would not slow down. She tells me to grab a water from the cooler to drink. I do, and thank her, and then she says "That'll come out to $1.39." ARE YOU SERIOUS? She refused to help me then instructed me to have a drink, and now suddenly when I'm done drinking it, she tries charging me for it? I do give her the money, but then after that I immediately leave.

Seriously, I really want to switch gyms now. I can't believe how incompetent their workers are.

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