Diana (diana_molloy) wrote in bad_service,

Someone's BAD SERVICE bus post made me share what happened this morning.

I was on the bus to work from my shrink and it was about 8.50-9.00am. Now road in London, hell England can be notoriously full of twists and turns.

Anyroad we were in a small road (which allow parking on BOTH sides of the street?!) and the bus stopped. Apparently he didn't think there was enough space to go past, which whilst I don't drive looked enough as the bus wasn't a big double decker affair.) and suddenly this guy comes on, the driver opened the door thinking he was a would be paasenger, and started shouting the odds. F this S that, I'll thump you if you don't move, I don't have time for this bs etc. and stomred off. He then told the man he wasn't moving and was waiting for the police, cue groans from the whole bus and more people started coming out of their cars to complain.

Did I mention he had blocked off the ENTIRE road, BOTH WAYS! Yep nobody would go past either way and he was adament he wasn't moving so there we stayed, until one of the bus patrons mentioned how if he carried on blocking the road like this he'd probably get the sack dead grandmother or nay! to which he started up the bus and moved.

'Course for the rest of the journet he put on sodding LOUD gansta hip-hop to show us he wasn't gonna take nobody's crap. That journey was pleasant(!)

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