Qaytx (kau666) wrote in bad_service,

I'm pretty damn easy going when it comes to service, I've worked in customer service alot and I know how difficult it can be.

That being said.

Yesterday my partner and I went cross-country skiing, which we are doing a lot of this season. Lunch-time came and we were both starving and muesli bars just wouldn't cut it. We decided that of the two food outlets in the resort, the take-away one would be a better bet at getting some chips quickly. So I went and lined up.

The line was pretty long, but there were three people behind the counter so I figured it wouldn't take that long. Something was going wrong with the register and one of the girls was fiddling with it and looking confused while the other two servers half-heartedly took orders and stood around watching what she was doing. She got on the phone to someone, they all stood around some more. Minutes ticked by. Nothing - not even an announcement to what the hold up was. Eventually another man came by and went into the kiosk and helped them out. They fiddled with the receipt roll. The other boy in the kiosk started sloooowly taking orders and taking money and getting change out of the till whilst the others stood around discussing the nature of the receipt roll. Finally they seemed to fix it and the man left, telling us all on the way out that they would be with us as soon as possible.

About half an hour had passed by this point.

So they started working. The girl taking orders never smiled, never apologised for the wait, and none of them even made an attempt to even look like they were hurrying. The line inched forward. By the time I'd gotten to the head of the queue I'd noticed that the girl serving food was chewing. I had my order taken and stood waiting for my two buckets of chips. A lady complained that they were filling the orders out of turn. Instead of an apology or reassurance she got pretty much yelled at that they were doing the best they could. Another woman came back asking if she could get a hot pie to replace the cold one she had been given. No apology, no anything, just a surly grabbing of the pie and a new one handed over.

All in all it took about an hour out of my day to get two buckets of chips. I understand they were under pressure, but I have never seen such surly, lazy, incompetent servers in my life.

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