Kayla (b0oger) wrote in bad_service,

hai guyz ^_^

Haha.. small suck, nothing life threatening. I know I'm probably being petty, but she really grind-ed my gears lol.

Dear New Bus Driver,
Every Mon-Fri I get the morning bus and ask for the same thing: "Two-Hour concession ticket". I have been doing this for, maybe 6 months? So that's what.. 120+ times I have asked for a "Two-Hour concession ticket".
I don't think it was very professional of you to argue with me that I said "Daily" instead of "Two-Hour", then insist I pay the difference. If I stuffed up, I would have given you the difference. Hey, even if you'd been polite instead of so aggressive, I would have given you the difference. Whatever, its only change.
Did it ever occur to you, that since you hear so many different requests from people, that maybe you got confused? You're new! It's forgivable. I ask for the same thing every single say. Without fail. I know what I said. You got it wrong, not me.
It also sorta sucked that you got the bus moving again riiight as I was about to turn into one of the seats, causing me to take a bit of a tumble, then missing my stop when I wanted to get off. I'm not sure if that was just because you are new to the line though, so you are forgiven for that.
I don't think bus driving is for you, lady. 
No love,


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