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I want Lunch, not a fight

Every week, me and my boyfriend take turns choosing and paying for lunch. I feel like a 50 piece of Chicken McNuggets to share, so we go to McD's. I ALWAYS get a sweet ice tea no matter what I order. We pull up and my boyfriend is the driver, so he orders. I know his voice is low, but even I could hear him clearly. He says 50 pieces, a medium coke, and accidentally says unsweetened tea. I correct him quickly and he corrects as well. I see the unsweetened get deleted and ... an unsweetened put back. I tell my boyfriend, no, no sweetened. He says this again. The lady gives us our total and we drive around.

"Ma'am, please. That was supposed to be a sweetened tea." I say

"Welll, okay. I'll change just because you asked nicely." she replies as she takes our money.

We go to the second window and they tell us to pull up because it will take a few minutes to cook all the pieces. We get the tea and nuggets at the same time. I look at the receipt. No coke. I sip the tea as we're driving off. UNSWEETENED. WTF?? I tell my boyfriend forget it, I'll just add sugar at home. Ugh, that tasted so rancid when i did that. There's nothing like sweet tea that always has the sugar absorbed into it.

next time it's my turn to order, I'm going to Sonics. Thsi isn't the first time McD's has screwed up our order. Even the one 30 minutes away does betetr job than this one in town.

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