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What is it about me that screams 'INFERIOR BEING' whenever I walk into a department store? I work hard for the money I want to spend in your store - please don't treat me like I'm not worthy of stepping foot in the place.

...In case you can't tell, I've had some nasty experiences with a particular department store in Aus. No matter what city I'm in, or which store I go to, I still manage to walk out with my feeling of self-worth halved.

I had a work do to go to on Saturday night - black tie formal. Eep. I've got the dress, but need to find a pair of shoes. Enter DJ's - surely I'll be able to find something there! LO AND BEHOLD I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON EVER! 5 mins in the shoe dept and I've found a pair I like. I take the display shoe to the counter, where two employees are talking. I remain unobtrusive, as one looks like a newie having policy explained to her.
So I wait.
And wait.
And wait.

...was that a nod of recogni-oh, damn. [I know, I should have spoken up before, but I suppose it's the optimist in me that hopes the employees will notice a girl with an *expensive* shoe in her hand may just want to buy something!]

Another customer walks up and does what I should have - "Do you have this in a 9". "Not a problem!", replies the newie employee, suddenly chipper and eager to help. I take this as my cue to snag the other staffer - "Can I try on the 8.5?" I ask. She turns to look at me as though I am lowering her intelligence by asking her such a thing. You know how you crinkle your nose and try not to gag when you step in something gross? Yeah... that look. "Yep", she replies, disappearing for a moment, and coming back to shove a box at me. I walk back to the boyfriend, who has been staring incredulously at the exchange. Try the shoes on, HOORAY THEY FIT! Although horrendously uncomfortable [I hate hate hate heels!], I decide to take them.
So I stand at the counter.
And wait.
And wait.
And wait.

...spooky. Deja Vu!

I figure I may as well have a look at some of the fragrances I've been pining over. If I buy one, I should be able to pay for both items at one counter!

That is, if I'm given the opportunity to buy one.

I pick the one I'd like, and smile toward the employee at the counter. I walk, not slowly, closer to the POS. She watches me take a few steps, shoes and perfume in hand, wallet already being taken from my bag.

And leaves. To talk to another employee. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STORE? I feel like screaming. I stand at the counter, my eyes following the woman to her new destination, mouth gaping. I take a couple of steps toward her, and decide to stand my ground. I give my best "What the FUCK do you think you're DOING?" face to her, and her friend nudges her over. She reluctantly comes over with no more than a "Is this all?", and rings me up.

Understandably, I can't wait to get the fuck out of there. The boyfriend then decides he needs slippers [anywhere but here, please god nooooooo!], so we head to the Men's Dept.
He finds a pair that he likes, so we start looking around for someone to get his size. Noone. Not a SINGLE PERSON in the entire department! The closest staff member is at the stationary counter, so we approach her.
"Excuse me, could I try-" says the boyfriend.
"What? This is stationary, there's no point coming here, I can't help you!" snaps angry counter-monkey.

*cue mouth-gaping*
"...So who CAN help us then? You may have noticed there is NOONE BUT YOU AROUND" snaps the boyfriend back at the woman
She has the gall to look offended that we are relying on her to get us some help, and mutters something into a phone.
A bored looking woman comes around the corner, and asks me what size I'm after. I looks confused, and ask the Boyfriend what size he needs. He tells her, and with a barely perceptible twitch, she wanders off.
5 mins later, she reappears to let me know that she has to find a key for the stockroom. Once again, I look confused, as it's not my time she's wasting, but my partners. He just looks at her and giggles.
Another 10mins pass, and she reappears with 5 boxes. Considering the boy chose ONE pair of slippers, and only gave her ONE size option, we are befuddled.
She starts opening boxes and explaining, once again to ME, that they didn't have his size, but would he like to try on any of these?

...Do I look like his mother? Ask him! They're his feet and his money! I don't understand why you are asking me!

Boyfriend takes one last look at the woman and ends our shopping trip in a perfect sentence.
"Have your manager pass on my apologies, I know what it's like to have such incompetent staff work under him. Mind you, I didn't have as much patience as they appear to."

I hate David Jones.

EDIT: I suppose you just had to be there. My partner and I walked out, upset at how we'd been treated. Considering we're both very accommodating people, this said something to us. You think it's customer_suck? Awesome, go snark it somewhere else.
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