c'est moi (sarainc) wrote in bad_service,
c'est moi

I hate United Airlines. I hate them so much.

I hate their Indian customer service that can't speak off of their script. I hate that they won't LET ME TALK DIRECTLY to the "courier service" that has supposedly had my lost bag since Saturday. Every morning I have called and every morning they say, "it will be delivered by 2." And of course, it's not.

I e-mail and get the response, "Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. On behalf of United Airlines, I sincerely apologize for the dissatisfaction you have expressed and the negative impression we have created. Your bag should be delivered soon."

oh really?

There is no other way to get in contact with these people. I just... don't understand why I can't SPEAK TO A LOCAL COMPETENT person that is physically holding my bag and make arrangements to have it delivered. Why do I have to go through the mysterious third-party. Why can't I talk to the people that actually have my bag? Why? Who is in charge of this place and why is it impossible to get in touch with them?

I will never fly with them ever again.
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