kallell (kallell) wrote in bad_service,

Power and PCs

so about of a quarter of my city is having power issues. momentary losses of power for sometimes less then a second. It is however enought to power down PCs, Faxes, alarm clocks and all that. in the past 4 months there have been about 6-9 of these, and now one of my computers wont power back on and two mice have died.

No UPS (shouldnt need one but considering it, just all the pcs would need one)
Yes there is a surge protector, but its a power loss not a surge issue
not just my apartment or my apartment complex it is a  portion of the city that gets hit with this

They cant tell me exactly what caused it, but they are claiming it was the equipment protecting itself so they are not liable.

I do wonder if that might have been responsible for one of the monitors failing as well

EDIT: A link to one of these $40 UPS or UPS/Surge  would be nice, cheapest i found was 90ish
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