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Bad Service or Poor Communication Skills--Update

Remember my post about one month back concerning my dentist?  The one with whom I got into a major pissing match with in his office when he insisted (to the point of nearly harassing me about it) that he could balance bill me for the difference between his rate, and the contract rate he was supposed to take under my dental plan?

To refresh your memory, or for those who didn't see it, here is my original post:

Bad Service or Poor Communication Skills?

My claim has finally been processed, and turns out that I WAS RIGHT!  He cannot bill me for the difference.  He'll have to eat the difference whether he likes it or not.  I'm not really surprised because I knew I was right all along, and I knew it was his biller who was the one who didn't understand how the plan worked.  Good surprise for me, unpleasant surprise for him, I'm sure.

So when I go in there next week to finally finish up the work, I plan on bring the explanation of benefits with me in case he tries to insist again that he can balance bill me for the difference.  I also plan on bringing a piece of the proverbial humble pie with me for him to eat.  I'm going to get an immense amount of satisfaction in telling him I told you so! All done in a nice way, of course!

ETA:  ITA with the commenter who said it is probably not a smart idea to rub it in before the work is done. Especially since he's going to be sticking some sharp objects capable of inflicting a lot of pain into my mouth!  If I do decide to serve up the humble pie, it will definitely be done after the work is completed, not before!  Or I think I may just decide to say nothing at all.  I'm sure the fact that he was wrong about it is making him feel pretty bad right now, and there's no need for me to add insult to the already existing injury.


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