Datura (mohavedatura) wrote in bad_service,

Very minor vet stuff...

Dear Veterinary Assistants,

I am not going to post your offices name here because, really, I am very glad to find you. You see, the vet I used to take my animals to retired last year and the people who bought their business drove the prices through the roof. So, after talking to a family member whose cat you helped and then bringing one of my cats in to be fixed, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were a professional place with decent prices.

I have only one little, tiny beef: When I ask you for an estimate before getting a second cat groomed, why the heck do you act like I'm asking you to clean the floor in front of me with your toothbrush? Especially since, when you neutered he first cat, I noticed you added a thing or two that I don't remember us talking about before his surgery? Nothing big, of course, but I kind of like a heads up. Don't you have other clients who would like to know how much things are going to cost before they OK them or am I seriously the only one? Of course I am going to do it anyway, as it is a procedure that needs done. But you don't need to sigh, roll your eyes at me and look between your coworker as if I'm being unreasonable.


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