Laura (rearrangedfaith) wrote in bad_service,

get off the phone

This entire weekend has been pretty annoying.

Today, I went in to Checker (auto parts) to buy a new bulb for my truck's headlight. I decided to go to the one by my parents house, since I was going to be stuck there all day anyway.

I get there, grab the bulb, and hope to get the older of the two cashiers. Nope. The younger guy waves me over, and looks friendly.

He's on the (work) phone though. He doesn't say anything to me, until I ask him if they do installations. His response? "HaHa. This is an auto parts store, where the hell do you think you are?" and something about how my boyfriend looks like he could do it. He can, but has been having back problems lately.

(Edited to add, not only have I had things installed there, I've had employees offer to do installation for me. It's not like I was asking for them to install spinner rims or a stereo system)

And then he continues talking to his phone buddy. I assume it's his baby's mom based on the comments about her attitude and how she needs to fix it.

Anyway, he was a dick, so I filed a complaint online. I would have asked to talk to his manager, but he was alone there with the older guy, who was helping some people on the computer, and had a massive line waiting for his service.

(and in the end, my headlight wasn't out anyway, just loose.)

On Friday I had something that wasn't really "bad service", more like "fucking stupid".

All week, I'd been calling and e-mailing my (new) employer about getting a drug test done, since he gave me a tiny window early on that was impossible for me to comply with. Friday, I finally got ahold of him and got a new form. I went to one totally packed location. The guy at the counter had a total attitude, but that's understandable- I'm sure dealing with druggies and potential druggies all day every day would suck balls. He said he personally wouldn't take my paperwork because I'd filled it in already (yeah, there's something called getting shit done before you go in as to not waste time) and he didn't get to see me do it. Denied, but he said all of the other locations would definitely take it. So I trek on over to the location closest to my home, and hand in my paperwork. Denied. The lady at the counter there also has some attitude, but again- understandable. Her co-worker goes through filing cabinets looking to see if they have any blank forms I could just fill out there. No luck. So, since I have no cellphone (yay!), I trek all the way back (30 minutes, again) to the office and get new paperwork. Bossman isn't there at the moment, but one of the nice ladies popped her head out after overhearing my telling the security guards my ordeal (which they also thought stupid). She said it's happened a lot, and then my bossman came back and I told him, and he was surprised about it all, gave me a new form, and I trotted a good 45 miles to their main office since they gave drug tests the latest. No wait, and in the end, I COULD HAVE filled out my paperwork before going in. So for a drug test that took no more than 5 minutes, I spent about 3 hours on.
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