Meg (latwigg) wrote in bad_service,

Doctor sucks

My long time GP abruptly closed her practice about two years ago. There's quite a shortage of GPs in my area so I didn't get a new one. A few months later I found a lump in my breast and after some procrastinating went to the nearby clinic to get it looked at. 

Each time I had to come back for test results, I saw a different doctor. This was annoying but not their fault. The first suckiness came when I saw the last clinic doctor for the biopsy results. He informed me, rather coldly that it was a "low grade tumor." No further information. Um yea thanks. 

Anyway, off I went to the surgeon who said it was a phyllodes tumor and had surgery a week later. The pathology came back as good as expected really and I more or less went on my way.

I have since discovered however that I should really have gotten a copy of the path report because these tumors are rare and there's a lot of information to think about. Most importantly, the mitotic count, and surgical margins are an important indicator of recurrence risk and prognosis so I'd like to know that. The surgeon probably should have provided this information but they are really rare so she probably didn't know.

However, now they won't release my file to me. They'll only release it to a doctor, which I still don't have. What I'd like to know is, does anyone know what the patients' rights are in Canada as far as medical records? Am I entitled to demand a copy?

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