Hokus Mouse (hokus_mouse) wrote in bad_service,
Hokus Mouse

To see my GP, I have to book an appointment, never less then a week away, and book at least a half day off from work, only to be seen anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours from the appointment time. So for more, short term illnesses, I just hop over to a close walk-in clinic.
A recent visit to the walk-in clinic reminded me of past sucks and why I hate to go to them.

Once I was getting these abscesses under my arms. We never figured out the cause, probably stress. One got a bit too big, and to be cautious I went to the walk-in. The Dr., after hearing that I had gotten these frequently, said "What the hell, you got diabetes or something?". My then BF and I were too shocked to really formulate a reply. (answer, is no)

On that same topic, when I come with a throat/ear infections, I'm tired of Dr.'s testing my blood sugar. I know I'm overweight, but dear god listen to me when I say my live-in boyfriend has diabetes and I test myself regularily at home. Please, look at my ear like I asked!

I once had a blood test done by my GP and they called me to come back in. For convenience, I came to the office after hours clinic and saw another Dr. in the practice. When he asked me what was wrong, I told him that I didn't know, that I had been called in. He looked at my test results, and once again asked why I was there. Annoyed I said I had been called in. He said "there's nothing wrong, it's not like you have cancer or anything. Just some elevated blood cells" and continued to act very inconvenienced for me being there. Dude, my dr called me!

I once went to a walk-in because my lymph nodes in the back of my neck were swollen. That can happen sometimes,I have been to the Dr.s before, they told me what they were. Usually though it goes away, but this time, the pain had spread to my ear canal and I had a hard time sleeping. The Dr. took a look at it and told me that my swollen lymph nodes, was probably just a boil, and to come back if it got worse. First of all I was there because it was worse, and secondly, there's a big difference between a lymph node and a boil. I decided not to argue with him. It went away in a couple of days.

One time,a walk-in clinic called my parents house, I had forgotten to change my phone number, when blood test results came in. The receptionist (or nurse) asked for me, my mom said that I did not live there. She told the caller that she was my mom and asked her if it was important (ie urgency of calling back). The person told my mom "Her test results came back and she has an infection and has to go on antibiotics". I was LIVID. Hello personal privacy much? (I was 25).

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