C (justreadingct) wrote in bad_service,

Glass Bottom Boat Tours in Panama City Beach, FL

So, my husband and I decided to take a day trip to Panama City Beach. We thought it would be nice to take a boat tour over to Shell Island, one of the local preserves, so we called Glass Bottom Boats to see if they're taking reservations.

Call 1:
Girl picks up the phone.
(Laughing in the background)

Yeah. So, we got get some food and call back 30 minutes later.

Call 2:
"Hi, are you still taking reservations for tours today?"
"Not that busy---hahahaha, girl you so crazy----don't need them."
"Do you happen to know how to get there from north-"
"It ain't my job to give you directions!"
"I was just asking-"
"Whatever. Bye!"

Charming girl.
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