marierebecca (marierebecca) wrote in bad_service,

Insensitive and thoughtless nurse ...

This morning I went to the Urgent Care clinic near my house to get an X-ray for my ankle. Now, I expected long lines, so I got there 30 minutes before it opened so that I could get a good spot in line. Okay, no big deal so far. Two hours later, and I'm finally called into the exam room. Before a doctor sees you, they have a nurse take your vital signs, as well as weight. Here's the backstory neccessary; I am a recovering anorexic, and although it has been many years since I have been "actively" anorexic, I am still quite sensitive about my weight. There is no scale in my house, and I typically don't know what my weight is, as I always stand backwards on the scale at regular doctor's visits. Okay, so this nurse asked me to step on the scale, and I asked her if it would be alright if I stood backwards, and if she didn't tell me what the number was, she said no problem, ta-da. I thought that would be the end. But, no. Then, as I'm following her to my designated exam room, she decides to say, "but I'm sure you don't mind looking at it!" and proceeds to stick the paper she had just written my weight on right into my face. I couldn't even believe it. Why would I ever ask to both stand backwards on the scale and ask her not to say it unless I really, honestly, did not want to know? I have no idea what possessed her to do that, and if I had more time this morning, I would have spoken to her supervisor. I'm still thinking about calling and complaining, though.
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