Willow (muppetfromhell) wrote in bad_service,

and once again... Dear VerizonDSL


You suck. SUCK. suck suck suck suck and I hate everything about you. Honestly, if my building was wired for cable I would eat the early cancellation fee just so I could get the hell away from you. Dial-up is looking better than you at the moment.

Your whole damn business is specifically designed to be as inconvenient as possible for customers so that by the time I finally get what I need, I don't even have the energy to complain to a supervisor. Not that it would do any good anyway, since the problem isn't even your employees (who are always quite nice, if not entirely competent) but rather every single company policy you have ever devised.

I sincerely hope your entire senior management are run over by a truck full of musak CDs.

And by the way? you might want to write MULTIPLE scripts, since after YOUR CSR has been on hold with YOUR tech dispatch for more than 45 minutes? a scripted apology every 5 minutes starts to make me want to buy a shack in the woods and some fertilizer.

In addition, telling me to powercycle the modem =/= troubleshooting. If there is a person on earth who would actually call and sit on hold with you BEFORE powercycling everything, please direct me to them and I will jump on their modem until it becomes nothing more than tiny itty bitty pieces of plastic. (and yes, I am aware that people are stupid enough to not powercycle, but I'm sick of company policies that punish smart/honest people because we're not idiots/liars.)

For the record, I only minded the "troubleshooting" the 2nd time I called in from work to schedule my tech appointment (after the first CSR determined I needed one, but I had to check with my boss about time off) and they told me they COULD NOT send a tech unless they "troubleshot" first, which meant I *had* to be in front of my computer. Of course, no one made me "troubleshoot" when I called in the 3rd time from home 8 hours later.

Still waiting on a call back from a supervisor. Not holding my breath.
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