Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Verizon's IOBI

Long story short.

Ordered IObi on June 30, date it was scheduled to be turned on: July 2
July 2nd came and went and no IObi. Waited until July 5th to call them. Told the email got "stuck" so the tech would "push it through" and should have it on the next day (July 6).
Here it is 11:06 PM on July 6 and no IObi. I called at 5 PM and was of course put on hold before getting disconnected. By the time I got through to a live person it was 6:06 PM (according to the clock). The IObi portion closes at 6 PM and the tech I spoke with said no one would be in until Monday.
NEW date for IObi to be turned on... July 12. AND I'm already charged for the first month! Yea, I'm canceling on Monday.

Edit to add: www.verizon.com/iobi

Verizon iobi is a breakthrough service that gives you simple, seamless
access to and control of your communications from any location.
It connects multiple devices, such as your PC, laptop, and phone, so that
you can do all this from one place:
  • Access Caller ID and Voice Mail
  • Route incoming calls to Voice Mail or another number in real time
  • Schedule Call Forwarding in advance
  • Send Email and Text Messages
  • View and update an Address Book and Calendar
  • And more
And that's just the beginning.
If you're an iobi customer, or want more information about our current
products, select one of the links below.

Basically, it's a program I download to my computer where I set it up on my side to check my voice mail, block callers (obtained due to ER Solutions who keep calling for that other woman), etc, etc. I don't know WHY it's going to take until July 12th to set up since it's not like I need a tech to come out to my house to install anything.

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