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dollar general & the bank

2 stories..

the first is worst than the 2nd.

I've had my current bank account for almost 2 years. I have never went in the negative or over drawn cash or anything like that. the past two weeks have been pretty rough, and I cut it close. I keep a close watch on my bank account via online banking, which they pimped out to me so hard when I was opening the account. the website tells me I have an AVAILABLE balance of x amount of dollars. nothing pending, nothing waiting. the way the site is supposed to work.. it shows you two columns. one tells you how much you truly still have; one shows you what you can use.

for example:
let's say I have exactly $30.00 in the bank. I spend $10 of it via credit. I check my acct, the total balance will still say $30 because the $10 hasn't actually been taken out yet, but my available balance will show $20.

I buy medicine, get low in my acct, and check it. I've still got a few dollars in the account..

fast forward to day. pay day. I notice that the bank has charged me a fee of $38 for being in the negative. keep in mind that I hadn't touched my card at all since I bought medicine.

I called the bank and I wasn't rude or nasty at all. I just wanted to understand how this all works. I didn't even ask for the fee to be returned. the teller was rude.. had a condescending tone.. acted like I was stupid for not keeping a hand written list of everything I spend. she proceeds to tell me that the site is not always accurate, and that I should write down everything I spend into a checkbook, etc. I'm sorry, but if I have to do that - what the hell is the point of ONLINE BANKING?

long story short.. I complained about her attitude, and got the fee back. no harm done. but it just seemed so shady for my bank to do that. :shrugs: idk.

& this is just annoying service..

I stopped by a local dollar store today ('dollar general') to buy some candy for work. I went up the counter and the one cashier wasn't there. he was at another register, talking on the phone. he finally noticed me, walked over, and made absolutely no eye contact with me.. didn't say hello.. nothing. he rang up my stuff, I swiped my card. he put my stuff in 2 bags; one with most of the candy, one with a box of capri sun drinks. he made sure to put my mints and such with the capri suns and now most of them are crushed. he left the bags on his side of the turn table. I walked over to get them and I said "Thank you".. still nothing! is it so hard to say "you're welcome" or SOMETHING? he then proceeds to hand me my reciept, torn in 2 parts. apparently the machine got jammed. he made no attempt to reprint me a legible reciept, which is very easy to do. he tossed the torn up reciept to me, plopped down in a chair, and started to read a magazine. I said "have a nice day".. nothing. gee, thanks.

ps: I apologize for any typos or grammar errors, I'm very tired.
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