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The post about David's Bridal reminded me of this. I meant to post it after it happened, but I've been pretty busy..

Sorry this is so long...I will put little summaries in bold outside of the cut!

I was getting married June 9th, and started dress shopping in January. I understand now that this was leaving it a little late, but I fit into most of the dresses on the rack (size eight), so I wasn't too stressed...

My mom and I went to Ethos Bridal, in West Edmonton Mall. After I picked out my dress, the girl who helped me (who shall now be called Y!)  said that we could order the dress and have a new one instead of the store sample.  We talked to the seamstress (who is now P), who told us that the sample was the perfect size, and that alterations would be minor. Hoorah! We paid our deposit, and my mom and I went on our way.

In late April, I went on a trip to PEI with my fiance. I get a phone call from my mom, telling me that she called Ethos Bridal to ask about the dress. She said she called in to ask, and Y answered the phone. Y said that the dress wasn't in yet, and my mom asked her to check on the status. After being on hold for several seconds, Y answers the phone and tells her that the dress WAS in.

I got home from my trip in early May, and there's a note from my dad saying that Ethos Bridal had called on May 2nd to tell me my dress was in.

My mom, my maid of honour, and I head over to West Edmonton Mall to check out my dress. We're all pretty excited. Y is there, as well as the seamstress, P. Y sets me up in a change room. Now, one of the things I had liked about the dress when I first tried it on, was that I was able to zip it up myself.

As soon as I start putting on the dress, I get a sick feeling like something's wrong. I pull it up, and reach down for the zipper and tug. And tug and tug. I call out to my maid of honour to see if she can help me get it on.

But nope. Our combined efforts cannot get the zipper up past my waist. The part that is zipped up is stretched across my belly and hips, and looking pretty grotesque.

There is no way this dress is a size eight.

My mom, Y, and P all come in to see what's going on. Since they never took any of my measurements the first time I was in (because the sales sample fit me perfectly), both Y and P ask me if I've gained weight. I haven't, but it doesn't look like they believe me.

My mom asks if it's possible that they sent us the wrong size dress. P checks the tag on the back and says no, it's an eight, and that I must've gained weight. They also insist that the dress companies don't make mistakes like that. We ask if the sales sample is anywhere in the store, because then I can try it on and show them that it still fits. Y goes and checks, and says it has been sold.

There's a bit of a heated discussion, and my mom, maid of honour, and I leave.

To summarize so far!
-Ordered my dress in January
-Tried it on...No way it was the size that I ordered.
-Staff insisted that I had gained weight, and that the dress was the correct size.

I was pretty cranky that night. P had said that they could still do alterations. However, in my mind, it would ruin the dress. They would have had to take out at LEAST four inches on either side just to make it zip up, and I was convinced that would ruin the shape of the dress. Plus, there was beadwork all around the bust of the dress...Someone would have to replicate it. That would come to about $300 in alterations.

Now, here is a little bit of excellent customer service. We get in touch with the owner of the store (who, unfortunately, does not live in Edmonton). She apologizes, and tells us that sometimes the dress orders get mixed up. She tells me what she is going to do.
1. She is going to search around Canada and find the dress in my size and have it shipped from wherever it is.
2. If that doesn't work, I can take the dress that came, and have the alterations done for free.
3. I can look around the shop, and pick out another store sample that I like, and they will have it cleaned for me.

Keep in mind that it's now getting to be late May, and my wedding is in the beginning of June.

So, we head on back to Ethos bridal. There is another girl at the front desk, and we explain to her what has happened. She looks in their hold closet for a dress with my name on it, and pulls out...two!

The one that didn't fit, and the sales sample.

I kind of want to prove to them that I did not gain twenty pounds, so I take the dresses to the change room. My mom comes with me. There's a note on the new dress, that says it arrived on May 5th. For some reason, they had the sales sample on hold with my name on it. That's the one they had when my mom called in April to ask about it.

I try on the sales sample, and sure enough, it fits perfectly. Although (and I suppose this is a little bridezilla of me), I don't want it anymore. The whole incident has turned me off the dress, and I hate the way it looks.

I look around the store and find a couple more dresses. I find one that is beautiful, more beautiful than the one I had before. And only needs minor alterations!

We pay the difference between the dresses, and I head off happy, although a little worried.

For about a week, we try at least once a day to get in touch with the seamstress and check on the status of my dress. She either never picks up, or we leave messages with family, and she never calls back. We leave messages at the store as well.

Finally, on the Monday before the wedding, we get a phone call telling us the dress will be ready on Tuesday.

Neither my mom and I drive, so we head over to West Edmonton Mall on a bus (we also don't live in Edmonton, so it's a little out of the way!). We show up at the shop, and P gives us a strange look and asks us what we are doing there. We say that we got a phone call saying the dress would be finished. Nope, she hasn't even started on it. She asks us to come back tomorrow...

So, on Wednesday, we take another bus ride to West Edmonton Mall. She's very busy pinning up dresses on other girls, but we're there at the time she told us to be there, so I go and try on the dress. Sure enough, she has done the alterations...But she's also taken up the straps so far that the armholes are tiny and my arms feel like they're being squished. They were also supposed to clean the dress, which they didn't.

We finally get her attention, and she tells us that she's VERY busy working on a fashion show that's next week, and hasn't had much time to work on my dress. We point out the armholes, and the dirty parts on the dress...And she says she can fix it, but asks us to come back on Thursday.

Anyone who has gotten married knows that the last few days before a wedding is a VERY busy time. We had a lot to do, and not really a lot of time to be taking a bus back and forth between cities.

After a bit of debate, she reluctantly agrees to drop off the dress at our house in the evening, after she is done work, and the fashion show.

I'm at work when she drops it off, but my mom says she came by at about 11:30 pm, rang the doorbell, and was very rude to my mom. She also presented her with a bill for alterations AND having the dress cleaned.

My dress was never cleaned, but at least it fit...

Summarize part two!
-Picked out new dress
-Was told to pick up dress on Tuesday, seamstress blew us off
-Came to pick up dress on Wednesday, seamstress told us she was too busy with a fashion show
-Finally got dress three days before the wedding
-Got charged for alterations AND cleaning, although the dress was never cleaned...

I suppose it was my fault was staying with Ethos Bridal after "part one", but I was just very impressed by the customer service shown to me by the owner...As well, it was fairly late in the game to start new..

I am never going to recommend Ethos Bridal to anyone, and I would suggest that anyone in the Edmonton area stay away from that store..

Pretty dresses, but awful service!

...And, for anyone that's interested, there's a photo of the dress under the cut.

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