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I've put off posting about this here, but today, when they still haven't responded to any complaints we've's time to post here and rant a bit.

See, after graduation last month, a group of us went to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. I'd had good experiences with a different branch in the past, and so the four of us decided that since it was right there, it'd be perfect.

We got there a little before 9pm, and the hostess told us there'd be a wait. Well, of course; they're popular, and we got seated in under 20 minutes anyway. Our waitress smiled appropriately, got us drinks (though I only got water when another server finally came by and asked if I'd like some), handed us menus, and wasn't seen again until it was time to order.

We got our orders in...a fairly timely manner, and we didn't see our waitress again until it was time to pay. Other servers had come over to refill our drinks and check on our meals, but well, maybe she was just busy. She drops off the book, and between the four of us, the bill came to $50 and change. Okay, well, two of us are paying cash, and my friend Heim was going to put my meal on her card with hers. It ended up to be $30 in cash in the book with the card. Our waitress grabs the book and runs off before we can explain we want the $30 applied to the bill and the difference on the card, but we think that it might be sort of obvious that she didn't get a 60% tip for her less than stellar service.

Well, she didn't. She took the $30 as a tip and charged all $50 to the card! We go right to a manager to sort this out--he was very nice about it, taking off the difference on the card right then and there, while our waitress comes over and snaps at us for taking the card book with us to the desk. We ignore her; we're not happy with her right then anyway.

We think it's solved, then, and leave, thinking that all in all it wasn't a bad dinner.

That was until the following Monday...

Heim checks her credit card statement to find out that $50 has been recharged to her card. Okay, maybe someone thought the recrediting was a mistake and tried to fix it after hours. That's fine; she calls the restaurant to sort it out, and the few hours she's on the phone trying to sort it out basically ends with her being called nothing more than a common thieving liar who was trying to get out of paying the bill.

This doesn't sit well with me. I tell her to threaten them with a BBB complaint and a letter to corporate (which I'd already sent both of), and bam! They're the nicest people on Earth, and promise to sort it out by Wednesday. Okay, we can wait until Wednesday to get our extra $50 back.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.

We check her statement and find out that not only was the $50 not recredited to the account, but there are two new purchases with the card. Through PayPal--Heim has never signed up for a PayPal account. She hadn't even used her card after that first incident.

The purchases total nearly $200, and Heim and I are not happy campers. That bitch waitress stole her credit card number!

She's back on the phone to BJ's, who again call her a liar because the waitress--Cienna, for the record--says that we never gave her cash. Okay, we can't prove it, but then why didn't we give her any tip on the credit slip, huh? We're good tippers, usually, my mum's a waitress and I usually try to tip at least 20% because I know that's where they make all their money.

I've been trying to get her to file a police report, but she has disputed the charges and cancelled the card, at least.

Just. Ugh.

If you're ever looking for a place to eat, don't give BJ's your money. They apparently have no regard for customer service and haven't responded to either of the letters I've sent to corporate or the BBB complaint filed 6/19/07.

At this point, all I want is an apology for my friend being treated as a thief for Cienna's mistake. They won't even give us that. *sigh*

ETA: She refuses to file a police report. Okay, fine. I can't do anything about it, but hey! She'll let that waitress hit someone else for more money than she got this time! *headdesk*
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