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Would you like some water with that Poison?

A few months ago I went out to eat with my friends at a local Cracker Barrel.  We were seated and started to look over our menus, everything going normally.  The waiter came over to our table and he was admittedly a from the start.  But we're nerds and used to strange people so honestly it didn't phase us.  We chatted with him a bit and he took our drink orders.

It was when he came BACK with our drinks that the bad service began.  The waiter set the drinks down and chuckled, "So, I poisoned one of these, it's your job to figure out which one." 

He got called to another table right after he put the drinks down so we didn't get a chance to respond and the three of us just sat there at the table staring at each other and eying the drinks suspiciously.  We figured that he MUST be joking but none of us was brave enough to test it, especially given his already strange demeanor.

When the waiter came back over and noticed none of us had drank any of our waters he cocked his head and smirked, "I was only kidding." He then leaned closer and said, "I poisoned all THREE."  He then proceeded to try to take our orders but the three of us were so shocked we asked him to give us a minute.

Our conversation then turned to us trying to decide what to do.  We were nearly sure he was joking but we were no longer comfortable with him touching our food or drinks.  None of us wanted to get him in trouble but we also didn't want to pay for food we wouldn't eat!

When he returned I spoke up and asked for the manager.  The waiter laughed and said, "We don't have a manager." 

It was then that my politeness went away and I replied, "We seriously want a supervisor, don't try to be cute about it."

When the manager came out to our table we explained the situation and he rolled his eyes, muttering, "Not again."  Apparently the waiter had caused similar problems in the past. 

We had stellar service after we got the new waitress and, of course, got new drinks.  I really felt bad for the waiter but...there are just certain things you CAN'T joke about in the food service industry. Not to mention refusing to let us talk to a supervisor? Not. Cool.
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