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I HATE Victoria's Secret...I just hate it!

I despise bitch workers at clothing stores. I absolutely hate them.

As a girl who is larger than a size 20, I don't like going into mall clothing stores unless its Lane Bryant, Avenue, certain Old Navy stores, Wal*Mart and Target. In case you couldn't tell, those all stores that carry plus size clothing. Most stores don't...and I got a very, very, VERY rude reminder as to just how intolerant the bitch workers at some clothing stores can be towards plus size ladies.

On Monday, I go into Victoria's Secret in the hopes that they may carry panties in my size (larger than a Large), and I ask a sales bitch (trust me she deserved this title) if they carry the underwear in larger sizes (and yes, I actually did not know that they didn't).

This bitch looks at me up and down....and then...SHE LAUGHS. She actually LAUGHS. I was insulted and infuriated and it took all of my self-control and strength not to throw her into one of the displays.

So, calmly, sweetly, I ask her if I could see her manager.

And to quote my thoughts "Right F***ing NOW"

The manager comes over and me, trying not to kill something, tell her what just happened. The manager was not happy in the least and tried to placate me by offering some store credit.

(no one yell at me for this)

I declined...flat out refused and told her that I was never coming back into a Victoria's Secret as long as I walked the earth, but thanked her for listening. And then, I walked out. I wasn't happy.

Stupid entitled bitches who think they're better than everyone else.....*growls*

EDIT: I took out something that I never should have put it in to begin with because it was just as rude. Thanks to all who pointed it out. (and have since removed the "skinny bitch" lines, too)
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