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Horrible Service at East Texas Medical Center Rehab

My mom had both of her knees replaced two weeks ago. About four days after the surgery they moved her from the small private hospital where she'd had it done over to one of the two rehab hospitals here in town (and the only one covered by her insurance plan).

For the most part she got pretty good care. They pushed her and made her work, but that's what rehab is for. Unfortunately, we had one experience that made the whole stay about a hundred times worse.

Last Saturday evening my mom was using the bathroom in the room she shared when the other woman's visitor, a middle-aged man, walked in on her. He then proceeded to stand there and stare at her while apologizing, and only left the bathroom after she asked him to. That would be horrifying enough, but my mom has been sexually assaulted twice in her life and this incident caused her to go into hysterics. She called for the nurse and it took him 20 minutes to respond, by which time she was crying so hard she threw up. By the time my sister and I got there, they had decided to move her to a private room, because they said they couldn't force her roommate to not have him as a visitor.

On Sunday the visitor came to her new room to "apologize" and didn't knock, and again just walked in. Thankfully, this time she was dressed and my sister was there to run him out, but it sent her back into hysterics. She didn't feel safe at all, and someone wound up staying with her every night just in case. So, on Monday the nurse manager comes to see her mom tells her this story. The nurse manager basically tells my mother that she's overreacting and needs to focus on her PT. She says they can't police visitors. My mother tells her that if he comes near her again, she's calling the police, and then asks for a counselor.

In my whole life I have never heard my mother ask for mental help. This was a huge thing and took a lot of courage on her part. The nurse manager said she would have the psychologist come by the next day. He never showed. It's Thursday, and she was discharged, and he never came by in spite of us asking at least twice a day. I'm so furious about this I can barely speak. She was clearly in distress, she asked for a counselor, and they have one on staff, and STILL she was denied services.

We've decided to write everything up and then alert the hospital admin and the governing body that accredited the place to see if we can do anything about her being denied the services she needed and was promised. Any advice?
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