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David's Bridal

So I'm in a friend's wedding. She picked out shoes at David's Bridal. The Bride left instructions with a worker about the colors the shoes are going to be dyed. Everything is suppose to be hunky dory and this is where the bad begins.

Girls were ignored and had to ASK for someone to help them. Keep in mind no one was really doing anything.
The workers were completely rude.
Workers called the girls stupid.
One worker told two of the girls that the bride was fucking stupid.
One worker told one girl that her feet were too big to be in a wedding.
Shoes were tossed at another girl.
They lost a pair of shoes and told the girl that she'd have to buy them again.
The answer to 'how long it'll be until the shoes are in?' is: "shut up all ready"

When I go to try on my shoes, I didn't know any of this. I go and get my shoes, and then I decide to try on wedding dresses. Keep in mind that none of the workers really paid me much attention. I picked out a few dresses and headed towards the dressing room when one of the workers asks me what I think I'm doing. She told me that I couldn't touch the dresses because I wasn't registered. Fine, whatever I register so I can try the dresses on. So I sat there for 5 minutes waiting to fill the paper work out. Then the girl tells me I'm lying about my bra size and I should fit fine into a 36C. (I am much bigger) Then she stuffs, and I do mean STUFFS me into a dress that was too small. When Elizabeth Swan said: Women in London must've learned not to breathe, I know exactly what she meant. She then tells me that I need to pick out bigger sizes when she was the one who grabbed the dress off the rack.

All and all, I am seriously doubting I am going to use David's Bridal for my wedding. Now if they would only stop calling
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