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Horrible Bennigan's Experience

Last night, my friend Tim and I went to Bennigan's to get some food before we went to the movie. We arrived at 7:50 and ordered. Forty minutes later, our server stopped by to tell us our orders had not been entered into the computer correctly, and they had been lost. He re-took our orders and went off to put them in. We weren't pissed or anything; it sounded like a simple mistake. And he offered to give us a free dessert. Not that either of us wanted that- how about a free burger?

Twenty minutes later (yes, we were there for over an hour waiting for food) they brought out my veggie burger. Nothing for Tim. We asked the waiter where Tim's burger was, and the waiter said it was probably cooked, but just "lost" in the kitchen. So, we waited maybe another five minutes while Tim and I munched on my fries- by now we were pretty hungry. The waiter didn't come back to tell us what the fuck was going on! Finally, I flagged him down just to ask him where the fuck my friend's FOOD was! He was like, "I don't know. It might have gotten lost in the kitchen." "Well, would you please go check and tell us what's going on?" I asked. "And please come back and tell us when we should expect it". He agreed and disappeared.

He did not come back. 3-4 minutes later, I flagged down his manager to ask him where the burger was. He told us that it hadn't been cooked, and they had just put the order in. That was too much, so Tim and I began to storm out, extremely annoyed. We told the manager that that was ridiculous. And he didn't even bother to offer us gift certificates or anything. After an hour of waiting for 2 burgers. That might have been the worst part of the service, that the manager didn't apologize profusely and try to win us back as customers.

Bennigan's will be getting a letter.

On the bright side, Tim and I went to New York Pizza, right after that. As soon as we ordered, they spatula'd our pieces right out to us- less than a minute for food! That's what I call service.
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