The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote in bad_service,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

Judgmental bitchiness at Albertson's.

I don't got through the regular cashlines anymore unless I really need cash back; I use the Self-Check kiosks (which is more fun for me anyway).

A couple of weeks ago we shopped at Albertson's and were browsing the Häagen-Dazs when I see a new Reserve Flavor (new to our store, at least), Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle. After reading the ingredients I'm thinking that this sounds great and very Thai-leaning (I'm Thai and have grown up living Thai food/the distinct taste of Thai...ginger and lemongrass, toasted coconut, sticky rice with mango...mmm....) so I excitedly picked up a pint (I also suggest Häagen-Dazs's other Reserve flavor, Hawaiian Lehua Honey & Sweet Cream). I couldn't wait to get home to try it.

At the checkout, the cashier gets to said pint of ice cream and:

Cashier: Toasted...coconut...ssssesame brittle (trailing off)...

...and then all of a sudden makes a face like she just smelled a giant pile of week-old cat shit.

Cashier: Blech.
Me: Um. That flavor sounds pretty good to me.
Cashier: You think so?
Me: That's why I'm buying it. :|

And then she said some other crap, but I wasn't listening. I just wanted to put my card through and get the fuck away from the woman before I shoved my cane up her judgmental ass.

What on earth makes it okay for a grocery cashier to do that? To judge what people are eating/make comments like that? Sure, in a perfect world, perhaps all cashiers would be able to say what's on their mind like, "Hey, thousand pound family of three, perhaps you shouldn't be buying all of those cans of Chef Boyardee and a million bags of Doritos--that shit's bad for you and is making you fat!" or "Don't buy beef, it's CRUEL!" but this isn't that perfect world. But this was a case where I felt like she was behaving like a...I dunno, I almost wrote "picky little bratty kid", but sometimes kids will eat what you give them without question (kids often mimic what adults do [if anyone watches Honey, We're Killing the Kids, you'd see the "YUCK!" mimicry all the time]). Perhaps the descriptior I'm looking for is "close-minded judgmental dumbass". So okay, you don't like coconut? Fine, but don't make a customer feel like I'm making a crap decision by making a fucking puss face/crappy comments.

BTW, said Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle is seriously sumptuous, especially if you love that Thai flavor I mentioned. It would be the perfect dessert (after a great Thai meal) next to some fresh mango chunks.
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