therealgothgirl (therealgothgirl) wrote in bad_service,

*points to her personal journal*

For those who don't want to look, mom and I had some stuff in a storage unit. I can't say which one because mom's working with a lawyer. Unofficially right now, but as of Monday, it'll be official and I don't want to get blasted for blogging about this. Basically we HAD thousands of dollars of stuff in a storage unit because we didn't have any room for it in our house (and it was stuff we didn't want to/couldn't get rid of), and because of either a leak in the roof or the water main going under the block where our unit is, ALL OF OUR STUFF IS FUCKING RUINED FROM WATER DAMAGE AND MOLD.

And the owner of the place told us that we should have been checking up on our unit every day. It's in our lease agreement that they're supposed to call us if something like this happens so we can move our shit to a new unit or make other arrangements or SOMETHING.

But no. He couldn't be bothered and now mom and I have lost so much stuff. A bunch of our clothes. A lot of fabric. Our photos. Some papers from when gram died and some non-vital (but still important to us) family documents. Everything. Is. Gone.
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