. (teethvsclavicle) wrote in bad_service,

Chase Bank

So I opened a checking and savings account with Chase at the end of May.
My banker was really nice and funny, and I felt really good about it. He
applied for a credit card for me while I was there, saying that the credit
card would be my overdraft protection in case of an accident or emergency.
Great, awesome, good: approved, no problem.

I wrote my mom a check for a hundred dollars on June 14th, and I was under the
impression that she'd be depositing it that day or the next. I reminded myself for
about a week that my available balance would be a hundred dollars less than what
was actually in the bank, just so I would be careful until it cleared.
Well, she didn't deposit it and I forgot about it. THAT was my mistake.

She finally deposited it this week, the day before I got paid. I hadn't been as frugal
as I should have been this past week, and as a result I had just over a hundred dollars
in my account. After the check cleared [which I did not know about at the time] I made
a few small purchases. The next day, my paycheck was deposited. I'd signed up for alerts
to my phone when I either overdrafted or if a certain amount of money had been taken out
of an ATM, and I got an automated call informing me of an overdraft. I was confused because
I'd just checked my balance and it was well over $500 and I never spend more than $20 at a
time [and had forgotten completely about the check].

I call the 800 number, the lady explains the check thing. Makes sense. Then she asks
why I don't have overdraft protection.


So I call my banker, who looks into it and says, "OH! My bad! I just forgot to select the
overdraft protection to your credit card! I'll clear it up. You'll see overdraft fees, but
they'll be refunded in a day or so."

Okay, fine.
Except that they deducted $125 and still haven't replaced it, and it's been three days.
So I call just a few minutes ago and ask to speak to him. I get a rude woman who tells me
that he is NOT IN TODAY! Okay, fine. I ask if she might be able to help me. I explain the
situation and she basically tells me that I have to wait until Monday because that's something
her manager would have to take care of, then hangs up on me.

Um, I have bills to pay and things to do. That money should be mine and should already be
IN MY ACCOUNT. Yes, I made a mistake, but it was SUPPOSED TO BE COVERED. I fucked up
but my fuckup shouldn't have been a problem because I was "protected".

Not so impressed with this bank right now.

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