Accidental Queer Activist Panda (sparkofmyteens) wrote in bad_service,
Accidental Queer Activist Panda

Charter sucks.

I just moved. I had Charter at my old apartment. In my attempt to return their equipment, this has happened:

-- they claimed to have canceled my service despite my not being able to do so (which I found out after calling a week later to verify the cancellation of my service)
-- they claimed to have sent a tech who never showed
-- they billed me for $200 which never actually showed up on my 'balance owed' on my account
-- they claimed to have sent me a box via UPS to send my equipment back which also never showed
-- they never, ever, ever updated my address in their account despite having to have been given it multiple times to HAVE someone send this box or technician
-- they billed me for 1.99 ... for the fee I have to pay for using their phone bill pay service, despite having been told at the time of the call my balance was now paid in full

There isn't really a place I can take this equipment to that's convenient for me -- the nearest place is an hour away assuming there's no traffic, and I don't have the money or opportunity to drive around in the city trying to find them. Plus, they've told me TWICE they'd be providing me with a way to return this equipment.

They're supposed to be sending me a box again. I'm going to call back and get them to send a technician, too. One of the two has to show up this time.

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