Jenni (shiny_jen) wrote in bad_service,

Small suck that could've been a big suck

(I live in the UK where health care is free).

A couple of months ago I randomly got something in my eye, and ended up going to the local hospital to get it looked at (it had been irritating me for several hours by this point, and I couldn't get whatever it was out).

For once I didn't have to wait that long, and the guy in the eye ward was nice.
He asked me my name and address - simple enough. Then he asked me for my doctor's name. I explained that I'm a uni student in this city and I very very rarely go to the doctor at home anyway (I've been once in the past five years), so I couldn't be specific as I couldn't remember. He said that it was fine.

He then proceeded to look at my eye with the equipment there and then instructed me where to look etc. as he put something in my eye - didn't even ask me first.

After this he gave me the small tube of eye stuff he'd already applied to my eye (at least three times) and instructed me on how to use it.

I got home and read the information leaflet that came with listed various medications you can't take with it, and also said to avoid during pregnancy or if you're trying to conceive.

Now this guy had absolutely no details of my medical history, what medications I may or may not have been taking, or if I was pregnant or trying to become so. He had my name - a very common one, and my university address which has never been linked to medical records or a doctor. Additionally, he didn't ask me if I was taking anything else, which surely should be standard practice before administering medication to a patient which conflicts with others!! Luckily I wasn't taking anything else at the time or pregnant, but it seems very unprofessional and could have had severe consequences.

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