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Dear apartment complex.

I have now lived here for over a year. In that time, the hot water has gone out twice, once for more than a day, and the water has needed to be turned off somewhere around 6 times. Replacing the hot water heater, fixing a leak (that required much noise and cutting of walls at all hours of my night, but really, my night = everybody elses' day, so I cannot complain about that), fixing OUR leak, fixing something else, fixing still something else on top of that...I'm not going to get into just why you can't seem to keep the water running to our building! (Or even let us know that there is a problem/the problem is in the process of being fixed...the first time the hot water went out, you handed out notices two days later. Gee, thanks.)

No, this time you gave us less than 24 hours notice that our water was going to be turned off for the better part of a day. How do I know that? Well, lets see. Yesterday, I went to put in my laundry at 3. No signs. When I went to the basement at 4 to put my now clean-but-wet uniform in the dryer, there were signs saying that the water was going to be turned off between 9 and 3 today. It is now after 4 pm, where the heck is our water. I have to leave for work in less than an hour. Luckily, the only good thing is that I don't deal directly with patients. I don't even have to see anybody for 12 hours straight, so I can be all sticky and itchy and dirty by myself. But that affects my mood, and my mood affects how I respond to things, and that ain't a good thing.

To top all that off, I have the name of the company that manages the apartment. Going to your website, there is nothing about naming the people involved, just "lah-de-dah, here are our residential complexes! See the apartments that only we can have!"

I'm so glad that I'm in the market for a new place to live. I don't care that it'll make my commute that much longer. I can deal.

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